Jokkmokks municipality is located on the Polar circle in Lapland and is larger than Skåne, Blekinge and Halland together. Over half of the area is a mountain area with parts of the world heritage Laponia which include the four major national parks Sarek, Padjelanta, Stora Sjöfallet and Muddus.

The initiative for this page has been taken by us who are involved in the Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet. It compiles some examples of activities for those who want to visit Jokkmokk during the spring winter. The page is non-commercial, non-comprehensive and no bookings are made through that page. The responsibility for those services presented on the page is entirely with those who offer the service.

In the framework of a Leader Polaris 2020 project, the Nordenskiöldsloppet will be further developed with the aim of coordinating efforts to increase the competitiveness of local and regional business and to contribute to a more diversified business community. We also want to contribute to high participation, collaboration and competence of individuals and actors in the area.  This will be done in cooperation with Destination Jokkmokk, Jokkmokk companies and the non-profit sector. Key words in the project are networking, business development, development of new business models and diversity and integration.

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