New (unoffical) record on the Mora-Sälen-Mora distance

Are you wondering why this post has a picture of a donkey? Well, that is not any donkey, that is an Turkmenian kulan. The kulans are one of the fastest land mammals and can run at high speed of 70 km/h and on marathon distances still 50 km/h!

Teemu Virtanen did not came up to an average speed like that, but on the other hand, it is not likely that a kulan will go for 180 km on snow. That is, what Teemu did. He sat a new unofficial course record for the 180 km distance from Mora to Sälen and back. The record time is 9:42:46!

The idea behind that attempt to go the Vasalopp-distance twice was to show, what the Red  Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet distance means and that is is possible to do even for non-professionals.

Watch Teemu skiing here!

Read more here



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