He did it – 180 km round trip on skis


Jan-Erik Länta, Jokkmokk, managed the ultra race – he skied from Mora to Sälen and back to Mora. A round trip of 180 km, which he succeeded with in 12 hours and 40 minutes.

– It was over an hour faster than I had expected. But I have a routine from the Red Bull Nordenskiöld race. So I know what it’s like to go really far, Jan-Erik Länta said when he breathed out after the finish in Mora.

Jan-Erik Länta and Teemu Virtanen from Finland wanted a bigger challenge than just the 90 km from Sälen to Mora. Therefore, they decided to go the double distance. They wanted to market the Red Bull Nordenskiöld race, and to implement a real ultra-challenge. Both managed the challenge, Virtanen went really fast and was in goal after 9 hours 40 minutes.
-I have done the Vasaloppet twice. But this was something completely different. It was awesome to get the trip back and forth and have good service for the whole distance, Länta said.

The conditions were good, hard fine tracks and some freezing temperatures. There was headwind on the way down to Sälen, but backwind.
– It was really just up the slopes to Evertsberg that we had a really hard time. We had to take it easy a few miles after the slopes. Then it went well, told Länta.

Now it’s a month left for the Red Bull Nordenskiöld race in Jokkmokk. What distinguishes the ultra-race Mora-Sälen-Mora and the world’s longest and toughest ski race in Jokkmokk?

-In Jokkmokk there will be a few miles longer, but otherwise it is quite similar. You go in much the same way and get to eat and drink right along the way.



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