Born with skis on the feet…

You may know that the Nordenskiöldsrace builds upon an amazing history which is about the great skiing skills of the Sami in our region. I promise you it is worth reading it, which you can do here.

Still, skiing is part of our lifestyle here, and you might say that Ebba Stina Rimpi and  Tuva Lundmark from Jokkmokk are born with skis on the feets! Even if that is not literally true, they are really enjoying skiing and here one can see them after crossing the finnish line in a skating race in Boden, called Nyårsknallen. It was the first race for Tuva and the first skating competition for Ebba Stina.



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  1. Carsten skriver:

    It’s so great to see that skiing is not sport only, but a part of culture



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