Mission 220 km: 100 days to go

This article is about Carsten. An 48 year old engineer which a great passion: cross-country skiing. And one of those people who will go for the 220 km of the Nordenskiöldsloppet, the longst cross-country skiing race in the world.

And so he says, with 100 days to go: ”On March 30th, 2019 the time has come. Then in the early morning, probably with a pulse of 180, I will be at the start near Jokkmokk with about 350 other crazy people and start the longest cross-country race in the world with 220km.”

If you want to read more about Carstens personal travel towards the race, you can do so on his blogg Mission 220 km

Welcome, Carsten, looking forward to meeting you in March!

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  1. Carsten skriver:

    I am not sure if I should say ”looking forward to se you” because I am quite scared….but anyway….I AM looking forward to meet you and take this ultimative challenge,


    1. morethantherace skriver:

      You are very much welcome and I hope I am at the competition center the very moment when you are there (anyway, pretty likely as I am there most of the time.) You might tell me in advance when you arrive, would be fun to talk (I am German, as you probably already know, moved to Jokkmokk in 2009)


      1. Carsten skriver:

        Ich werde schon ab dem 4.3, also nach dem Vasaloppet in Jokkmokk sein und trainieren. Bis dahin bin ich in Östersund. Wir sehen uns ganz sicher. Freue mich


      2. morethantherace skriver:

        Hallo Carsten, na, das ist ja prima. Weiterhin gutes Training und viel Erfolg. Meld Dich gerne, wenn Du angekommen bist via info@nordenskioldslopp.se


  2. Carsten skriver:

    Reblogga detta på Mission 220km och kommenterade:
    Fantastisch! Ich fühle mich geehrt!
    Fantatstic! I feel honored!



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