Jokkmokk goes for smart future energy

Jokkmokk has a long tradition of renewable energy production. About 13 TWh of hydro power are produced within Jokkmokks boundaries, which is actually more than 40 times the total energy use of people and companies in Jokkmokk. However, these energy production is not owned by the people of Jokkmokk and only a little share of the profit stays in the community. So it comes naturally, that Jokkmokk now is engaged in a project to find out how new smart energy solutions can contribute to added local value.

A group with representatives from Jokkmokk, Vuollerim and Purkijaur as well as from Hakkas/Gällivare and Korpilombolo/Pajala travelled now to Germany to learn from German experiences in the energy transformations. The Hunsrueck region in south-west Germany used to be a poor rural region. Nowadays, a lot of windpower is installed and the rent for the land is a welcome contribution to communities budget. This is used for energy efficieny projects and for increasing the attractiveness of the region for visitors as well as the infrastucture of the community.

Examples for interesting projects are a suspension bridge which has been built with income from windpower and which attracts thousands of visitors each year.  Another interesting project is the use of garden waste for district heating and a research project about electricity storage and smart electricty grids.

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The LECo project supports small communities in becoming self-sufficient regarding energy. The project aims at raising awareness about energy efficiency and the possibilities to use locally available renewable energy, such as wind, solar and hydropower, as well as side streams from industry, households and agricultural origin.

The project gathers test groups from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Ireland. The goal is that the test group will become self-sufficient regarding energy making the most of locally available energy source and new technologies.



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