Thank you, Helsinki!

Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet participated in GoExpo Winter fair in Helsinki and we had a great time meeting a lot of winter enthusiasts and a great interest in the race in Jokkmokk. The fair puts together all sports during the winter period, on snow, ice, outdoors or indoors.

Moreover, it was a bit of coming home. You might wonder why that? Well the race has history going back to 1884 when polar explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld had two of his team ski an unbelievably long distance during one of his expeditions. Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld was born 1832 in Helsinki. His family was Finland-Swedish and many of them were scientist and explorers:

Nordenskiöld’s father, Nils Gustav Nordenskiöld, was a prominent Finnish mineralogist, civil servant and traveller. He was also a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Adolf Erik was the father of Gustaf Nordenskiöld (explorer of Mesa Verde) and Erland Nordenskiöld (ethnographer of South America) and maternal uncle of Nils Otto Gustaf Nordenskjöld (another polar explorer). Nils Otto Gustaf Nordenskjöld’s parents were cousins — Otto Gustaf Nordenskjöld (born in 1831 in Hässleby, Sweden) and Anna Elisabet Sofia Nordenskiöld (born in 1841 in Finland), who was the sister of Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld.



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