Cosy hostel close to nature and skiing

If you are looking for a cosy, reasonably priced accomodation in Jokkmokk, which lies close to nature and skiing tracks, while it is not far to the super-market: Marko and Kersti can offer you exactly what you want.

Both have worked for many years in a children’s home, but when this closed down, they formed together with a third colleague Wilma konsult AB  in March 2018. They rented a large part of the home’s previouses premises, renovated it and made it to a cosy hostel with ten rooms: Wilma hostel (in Swedish).

If you want to hire one of the rooms during the Nordenskiöldsrace, check with SN RESOR and send an email to

I asked Marko and Kersti what it the best with living in Jokkmokk and their answer fits very well with the general feeling in Jokkmokk: living in Jokkmokk is easy and simple, calm but never boring and safe.

And there is the fantastic nature all around us, just a few meters away. Marko and Kersti recommend you as a visitor: ”Snow and sun are a magnificent combination. Take the time to rent an accommodation at one of our fantastic mountain ranges  and take a skiing or snowmobile trip!”

Marko och Kersti




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