Best photograph of your adventure


All participants in the Nordenskiöldslopp are winners. The adventure and the proud moment of success when crossing the finish line should be captured in frame for all these heros! Happily enough, there are two highly skilled photographers in Jokkmokk who are sponsoring their time  to give the skiers the best photograph of their moment.

”We are enthusiastic about the idea of the Nordenskiöldsrace and even more about the performance of each participant. And we hope that our pictures – which we offer for free download for participants in the 2018 race – helps to keep memories alive of a very proud day.”


Since the early nineties Alexander Blumenau devoted himself to photography. German-born, his scientific work as a physicist gave him the chance to travel and work all over the world. And photography has always being an important part of his life and work. Andrea Windolph started her career as an IT specialist in Germany, however, photography became a growing part of her life. Following several years as a portrait and wedding photographer. Alexander and Andrea present part of their Scandinavian photo work within their audio-visual live show „Sápmi – Swedish Lapland“ on stage in Germany.


Early 2017 Andrea and Alexander initiated the PHOTO NORDIC project. While based at the Arctic Circle in Northern Scandinavia, this new online-enterprise is meant to reach out to lovers of photography from near and far alike – a source of information and guidance, a platform to develop and train your photographic skills.

Currently, PHOTO NORDIC is still at the concept stage. The idea is to offer fast-track tutorials and trainings that will boost your basic skills, alongside with deep-knowledge courses to build up real photography expertise. Andrea and Alexander would highly appreciate if you could spare a couple of minutes to fill out our online-survey.

Your opinion counts – help to define the future of PHOTO NORDIC!





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