Feeding reindeers

Just outside Jokkmokk Centre you can meet and feed a reindeer herd.
You can choose to take a walk if your accommodation is in the Centre of Jokkmokk. It is about 4 km to get there. Please remind to wear reflection vests, which is an obligation during winter if you walk on the road.
While you will feed the reindeer with fresh picked reindeer moss, your host will tell you something about them. One of the reindeer is a beauti-ful white one. You have plenty of time to feed and make pictures of the reindeer. If you like you can try to throw the lasso as well.

250 SEK/pers ;   1 hour

Booking through; Jokkmokk Arctic Dream / 076-2433646 info@jokkmokkarcticdream.se Payment; Cash only

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