An unexpected blend

There are only a few things all of us use on a daily basis. Soap is one of them. The basic recipe has not changed much since the time of the Babylonians 2800 BC : water, alkali and fat.

In Jokkmokk, there is plenty of pure water. And we have lots of forest. That makes it easy to produce pure and natural alkali. Why would that be?  Actually, you just need to pour rainwater through some hardwood ashes to get alkali.

What happens if you blend these Arctic raw materials with traditional Asian knowledge and craftsmanship? You get an innovative eco-soap production in Jokkmokk!

As of late, the new founded Jimseido Cosmetics did that and started an eco-soap production in Jokkmokk. The founder comes with years of experience of tradtional soap making from the Syrian Aleppo region. He tells us:  ”Nowadays, many cosmetic products contain a lot of microplastic and harmful chemicals. Microplastics are too small to get filtered in sewage plants. When they then get into rivers, lakes or the see they are like magnets for toxins. The particles are then consumed by fish and end up on our dinner plates. I wanted to produce an alternative which is good to the environment and the skin.”

Jimseido  Cosmetics’ soap key ingredients are alkali out of ashes from the Lapland Forests and ecologial rapeseed oil. If you are interested in testing the product, you can get it here.

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And we have recorded evidence that already the Babylonians back to around 2800 BC used it! The basic formula for making soap has not changed much since

Since theA formula for soap consisting of water, alkali, and cassia oil was written on a Babylonian clay tablet around 2200 BC.



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