Get fit for ski season with Nina

In the 2017 Nordenskiöldsloppet, Nina Lintzén finishes as first female  completing the 220km long race in 13:01:01 and take an overwhelming victory. She told us after the race: ”I’ve aimed for the gold ever since last year when I finished third [in 2016]”.

Now Nina is ready to share her experience with you – get the best exercises, skills and knowledge to prep you for the 2018 Nordenskiöldsrace! She will have help of skicoaches Johan Lintzén and Anna Rimpi.

This you can do at the traningscamp with Nina in Jokkmokk, November 24 to 26.

Be aware: Limited number of seats! Sign up today!
Application to: Merja Tyrväinen,, tel: 070-559 40 19
Deadline for registration: 13 October

Food and accommodation: Hotell Jokkmokk, all meals and coffee are included. Cost:
3790 SEK in double room.
4565 SEK in single room.
2350 SEK without accommodation.

READ MORE (in Swedish)

For further information: Nina Lintzén,, 070-332 74 52
Wolfgang Mehl,, 070-201 37 48

Nina Linzten
Participants Nina Linzten, Nordenskiöldsloppet 2017 in Jokkmokk on April the 15th 2017





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