Fields of gold at the Arctic Circle

Imagine living in the 19th centrury at the Arctic Circle in trackless land at the scores of the Skalka lake in the village of Granudden. You are one of the new settler which founded that place in 1823. You have a tiny piece of land and you will grow barley. It’s the only crop which gives enough harvest high up in the North. You and your neighbours will use a small mill driven by water power to grind your flour. This mill is still fully functioning today and is called Granduddens skvaltkvarn. 118.2 (81)

It’s one of a few remaining in Sweden and in Norrbotten. One can visit it all year round, though the best occasion is at a mid of July weekend when Gunilla Nyberg, descendant of one of the early millers, is actually grinding barley flour like the old ones did.

Granudden is one of the ”big” controls during the Nordenskiöldsrace. Here, skiers can change clothers and eat warm food. This is a tremendous amount of work for the people of Granudden who joined Gunilla Nyberg and her husband Gunnar when they got into the race in the beginning. Gunilla tells us: ”I am so happy to show people Jokkmokk and its surroundings. Those joining the race are welcome back in summer with all their family to visit us and our precious mill! The race is a great opportunity, and thanks to it we people of  Granudden have one more common activity and we have fun doing it.”

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