Visit Purkijaur where it all began…

When Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld arranged his famous long-distance race, he chose to start at Purkijaurholmen outside Jokkmokk. This was 1884.  In 2016, the ski race came back to Purkijaurholmen and the 220 km race was organised for the 2nd time in history.

This has been possible due to the extraordinary enthusiasts living in Purkijaur. For them, it was a matter of course that the start should be at Purkijaurholmen again!

Britt Svanström, Purkijaur

Britt Svanström is one of them. She tells us ”I like to organise things and to see that we can create a great event and a lot of happiness for the people.

The Nordenskiöldsrace gives me just that feeling: in the beginning it felt a bit overwhelming but we in Purkijaur now know that it is great fun to be part of the race. We look forward to next year’s race!

Britt also tells us: ”I am originally from the neighbouring county of Västerbotten but for me is now Purkijaur the best place to live. It’s a fantastic place in winter, but also in summer. Fishing conditions are great here. In summer, we ”drar not” as we say in Swedish. This is a method of fishing using a fishing net, that  hangs vertically in the water with its bottom edge held down by weights and its top edge buoyed by floats. We use two boats to do that, and every year we invite the whole community for eating the fish together when celebrating mid-summer. Purkijaur is definitely worth visiting at any time of the year!”

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